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Thanks for the help guys ive fixed all the photos now and will use the upload.vstanced great shoutout @redcardrive

so while i wait to head over to ebisu later this week i heard some guys at the gas station talking about some guys heading up to the mountains after shift so i decided id go and take a look and maybe meet some people.
it was amazing to see so many people in so many different type of cars and throughout the night i made some new friends who seem really cool, i had some attention off the vento too as most of them had never seen something like that before which was really cool. i grabbed a few photos of the cars that were drifting the mountains and i got a cheeky photo of the vento at the end too.

Also Yakumi (R32 sedan)as a car for sale and said if i want something thats a japanese daily to start me off it would be perfect, all he said about the car is he upgraded to his r32 and all wheels and coilovers come from that car so i guess its the same platform of car. im going to meet him tomorrow to see what he has. crazy to think ive had the vento like 2 weeks and its already possibly getting replaced. ill post photos of the car tomorrow once ive seen it, im super excited to see what it is as im not to sure on all the JDM only cars so it could be really cool.

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