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Need some help p l s

When I try to load in this specific map, I get to loading, and then it renders usually a couple parts of my car and then crashes. Anyone else that's used the map hasn't had this issue and it throws this error code. Any help would be appreciated thankss

(The red Altezza is just the background photo for the map and the blue part is my car thats attempting to load in)

!Script error

Thread: THRD-RUNVMI Dummy.handleEvent
Error: Thread::callMethod: ";opt5(Ljava.lang.String;)" not found (line:381)
java.render.osd.Gadget:sendMessage (line:211)
java.render.osd.Button:click (line:31)
java.render.Group:handleEvent (line:178)
//C o o l d o w n\\
offset > takeoff