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# Smurf : Gut it and weld the diff >:)
i cannot do these things to myself hahaha, I have some really big plans coming in the very near future so I'm trying to save money at the moment by dailying this car and the S15. As for now I think I'm done messing with this car, its beautiful as it sits but I may raise the subframe a little so I don't bash it to all hell.
But the Y33 leveled up!!

One of my old friends over at the place I used to work at, ASM, had a set of OZ Breytons he had been sitting on for months now ever since he sold his big body Cedric project. He let them go to me for a steal, considering the spec they're in and how rare they are in Japan. I got paid last week, and that entire check went towards these wheels.

God these are a perfect fit for this car.

$60,505 + $1100 (paycheck) = $61,605
$61,605 - $2600 (OZ Breytons) = $59,005
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