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I updated the links under the SlrrExhaustive Bits
and also the patchlink for SlrrExhaustive (LINK)
There is a new option (DynamicReflection_HaltAfterFirstReflectingSurface) which if active saves the backbuffer before the first object is drawn in the scene with reflection enabled and uses that as the environment map this solves the self reflection but it is a bigger "cut" it makes so the things with reflection do not get reflected this includes other cars aswell:

With DynamicReflection_HaltAfterFirstReflectingSurface == 0

With DynamicReflection_HaltAfterFirstReflectingSurface == 1

Added 17 minutes later:

Additionally the reflected picture will not have the reshade effects on it (you can see the trees are not blurred by the DoF on the top left corner of the gray car in the second picture)

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