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# KondzixsPL : dunno how 2 feel about it
I wasn't really expecting people to like this really, I'm surprised nobody has said "eww ricer!!!11!1" yet
# Soju : It looks so nostalgic! Any plans for crazy paintjob, decals and neons? :))

I was about to hook you up with the finds, but no luck. Sorry to tell you I couldn't find BOMEX hood for your Civic.
It's sooo nostalgic :)
For paint and decals I was thinking maybe baby blue and some white stripe decals because baby blue was very popular/most popular colour at that time. Still very rough ideas but I will see what I would go with as I build it. Neons are definitely happening too. Gonna try have period correct stickers too.

It's ok about the hood too, I wasn't really expecting you to find one because I know how hard it is to find one too. I'll find one sometime hopefully
# saletl : I'm totally into the civic. Just a black paintjob and you're ready to rob some trucks!
Thanks :) yeah lol
# marcus915 : Your Civic definitely reminds me of the FNF days, hooly throwback. That JZX100 is insane!
Big throwback but good throwback imo. That JZX100 was insane, it's completely static too so it doesn't have a good ride (obviously) but it still looks sick. The color reflects really well too. Might have to buy a JZX myself ;)