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@Smurf T R U U U U U
@skip my cars look good but they're so rough around the edges :P
@Mikingo <3 <3 <3 <3

I took the daily out for a skid at the docks after hours with a buddy of mine, a couple days ago, and for an open diff automatic boat, it goes pretty good on these shitty tires.

A good friend of mine brought his E36 along for the ride - I've been helping him build this car for a little while now. It's powered by an S54B32 which he picked up from a totaled E46 M3 - god it sounds so good even though its running open header right now. You guys will probably see more of this car in the future as he's moved to a new location nearby the shop and can bring his car around more often.

But TONIGHT, guess who decided to be dumb again and probably needs a new daily again..

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