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#135564   2018-01-12 18:22          
# amilmand : Oh nice of you :) you have a plus "]track_for_amilmand_5777.rar" at the end of the link thou should be:

Fixed it, thanks for making me notice so :D

Added 1 minute later:

# DHR : Also why did you remove the noclip camera mode?

Oh so that's why i couldnt go tru the walls anymore lol

Added 32 minutes later:

Hey, are you able, with one of your magic tools, to merge multiple V3 scxes? I'm trying to finish an old map project but the game just doesnt accept more than 345ground meshes and 11 renders(or generally 46 meshes), and i have lost the complete max file so i cant re-export stuff >.<

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