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How can I make this work for le bb93[..]
I dont know which version you are talking about do you have a link?; this: LINK version works with the mwm version of the mod: LINK I downloaded the game from the first link decompressed it, and copied the files from the other link to the root of the game, it did what it should:

I'm afraid proper AA isn't really possible with ReShade
AA is such a preference thing, I'm in the group that cant really tell the difference between methods(well the results) so I'm not qualified to decide if one is better than the other but maybe something is off(like I'm seeing something else on my end), here is a comparison picture(isnt this how AA should look like (I mean the mathematical definition suggests this is how it should work))

I could not find this "DX AA" are you thinking of SSAA (LINK) perhaps? This(rather these) (I just skimmed the source so correct me if I'm wrong) works with a larger render target than the actual backbuffer meaning it renders the scene in some obscenely large resolution than downsamples this huge picture to fit the target resolution well this cant really be called AA I mean it cheats :) it bruteforces an image with insane resolutions on which of course the human eye cant se the aliasing and than blurs it down. The other thing it suggests is using multisampling (in device params) which is known to mess up reshade(LINK) (and any other postprocess-injector (as I read))

But a simple google search shows that people do have a problem with reshade and AA so it is an ever present problem I dont know, I'm probably not the one who will solve this :/

As for the reflection and the turned around camera:
I can see what you mean, but the current hack was so simple to implement I could not resist I just feed the backbuffer that is saved for the postprocessing as the texture that is given for the reflections. Your idea would include figuring out in reshade when the game switches viewports and switching (and creating) rendertargets accordingly furthermore implementing a viewport ingame which is invisible (out of the screen) and always points opposite to where the camera is looking I mean it is not impossible but this would be so involved... People have problem installing this one simple feature needed ingame for the current reshade(the reporting of the car speed) this would modify well a lot more I expect..
But anyhow the source code is there for everything go at it I would be intrigued to see the results.