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Hello again, and happy new year !

As you can remember from the last post, i was selling the colt i've built, and its gone, not for the value i was asking but at least i got rid of it fast, so it went for 17,000 V$ !

I've decided to do a few changes on the M3, since it's a daily car i didn't wanted to do major thing in the engine, so i've installed new backboxes, they look more low profile and got an carbon fiber air intake and got a carbon fiber head cover aswell.

As for the interior, got some recaro seats and an aftermarket deepdish steering wheel.

Exterior, did some major changes, enkei wheels in grey, painted the brakes in yellow, carbon fiber rear diffuser, roof and front spoiler, M3 CSL trunk, and other few things.


Hope you like what i've done to the M3 so far.

And as for 2018, i got myself a gift a couple a days!

I was cruising downtown, when i got with this deadend and i saw an AE86 in a driveway, seemed like abandoned ... so i stopped the car to check on the car and i saw an oldman sitting on the porch and i went to talk to him, asking who's car was that.

Was his car, but due to health issues he couldn't drive anymore and the car sat there for more than over a year parked in his driveway.

So then i asked if he would sell it, and we made a deal for 1,500 V$ !! :D

I inspected the car carefully, and seemed to me that the only major issue is the rusted/worn paintjob and some missing parts that he told me that were stolen, checked up the engine real quick and seemed ok.

As for the interior, it looked mint, just a little smelly but ok.

So i got the car running after a few tries and seemed to run nice but def needs some major check and maintenance.

Here's the pics of the AE86



Spent on the M3: -3,500 V$

Toyota AE86 purchase: -1,500 V$

(4x 425V$ weekly paycheck) +1,700 V$

Colt sale: +17,000 V$


43,760 V$