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Stop being a twat DHR... :))

Added 4 minutes later:

# pixelgalaxy : not a big fan of "lol le cambergang xddd" especially on fwd cars (because most of them are nonfunctional as fuck), but that would be pretty ironic considering this is vstanced right?

You said right but meant wrong. It is indeed VStanced, not VSlammed, nor VHellaflushed.

Stance = the way the car sits.

It can be rally, offroad, baja, slammed, retarded, stock; they're all various types of stance and all equally accepted.

So yeah.

I do understand that you are not fond of overly cambered cars, i am not either - i mean, i like their looks but i think they're a waste of time and money. Personally i prefer a proper sporty stance, mid-tall with meaty tyres.

But that doesnt mean that a proper camber does its job on both fwd and rwd cars. :D
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