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# Lagano : S14 side skirts? Well... good job fitting them on the 86, i must say! They're pretty similar to those on your 180.
Also your 180 looks great, except the mismatched headlights lol. Be careful on the streets with it!
thanks dudes! i was just messing around with a set of headlight covers, i kind of like how they look anyway and I have HID's so its (okay).
new rolling stock for my PS13. Advan VS6, 16x7 +30, cheap set for 45,000yen with tires! Looks so good. Needs a set of spacers and it'll be sitting nice. Also rattle canned the fender grey and matched the car.

And curse my friends - Ismael and Pedrosa convinced me to try on a set of Vienna Kreiss I had laying around from a very old coupe I owned for about 3 weeks, from over two years ago, on the Y33..

Like what the fuck guys, I don't need to see these things to tempt me to go buy coilovers and arms..which I may have already done..

(pic of the old coupe in question)


$58,755 + $2200 (two weeks income) = 60,955
$60,955 - $450 (Advans) = $60,505

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