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Nice 1UZ there!! I was thinking of swapping 1UZ into my new Cresta :p

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# marcus915 : shot you a reply! + buying a new car is fun, but don't fall into the impulse trap hahahaha

Thanks everyone for the kind words on my RPS13 :) more to come.

So this is one of the two cars that I bought in the past few days. This is just a daily driver, an absolute steal and something I've kind of wanted to get into for a while now. 1998 Nissan Y33 Cima, 116,500km on chassis.

Its a really comfortable daily driver. But upon closer inspection..

This car is packing a 1UZ-FE. According to the previous owner, the VH41DE was not running when he got the car, prompting him to find the most cost effective, yet unique swap he could get. This was pulled out of a UCF10 Celsior, A340 automatic transmission and everything, and thrown in the car, with some mild custom work at a shop in Chiba. The motor is rather high mileage for a swap at 140xxx km, but 1UZ's are known to be bulletproof so I'm not too worried. The car cost me 350,000yen, which is a steal in my eyes considering how clean the chassis is.

The other car will be unveiled in next post!


$62,255 - $3500 = $58,755

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