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So yeah guys, shit happened, atleast it makes my Christmas more colorful light? At least i could say i was fine and nothing was harmed (thank you guys ily) but i'm sad to say i couldn't save my EVO since it has been sleeping well in the garage for a while. Pity that this car haven't got any proper track day before it was gone. Well, that was fun to build while it lasts. Also the Stagea was burnt out as well (don't really think y'all remember i had this one either) but i couldn't get any pic of it after someone throw it out to the junkyard without my consent.

The investigation was just concluded few days ago and it was not an arson at all (as i thought, lmao i always have a bad prejudice), It just a minor electrical fuck-ups that causing the fire. huuuuge warehouse defeated by one small zap-zap boi.

Well now, what i decided to do? Ward seems had to be busy with his own personal stuff (can't complain, it was for education, for god sake.) So i thought i had to do it by my own for now. Since i had nothing left on Osaka i decided to move to... Tokyo. Guess it'll be far better since i was here for a while lately even though a lot of people had said that Tokyo is literally a hell. In before you asked, yeah, due to the taxes and lawn enforcement, it's hard to own a car if you're in the Tokyo, but you know, there always been a loophole.

No, not that thing, you always could do things that impossible here. That's the rule. No matter how weird your income from or how much you change your car in a week.

Anyway, back to my topic - So what kind of loophole i took? Well, why don't we put our car (or anything) INSIDE the building? Well, even though there's virtually no free land space here but i found one in Shiinagawa. The rent are quite high, though. Atleast i got a neighborhood which also a tuner called Seeker. I heard they specializes in small cars so it would be rather fun to explore. But first, since i had to spent all of my savings for this new crib so i had to so some extra jobs, like, yeah, washing clothes, cook, or whatever.

Being a car guy is pretty rough.


Oh yeah have i mentioned about my 86? Well don't worry, it was in the good hands...

updating soon.