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Lil' Updates

The SC300 is in the process of being properly stripped and by properly I mean the removal of the sound deadening and body panels I have yet to get the engine removed so I can inspect the engine bay and:

# Jfernando1 : Wait so; you'll have a spare 1JZ?

If so; may I purchase it (in RP)?

It's a 2JZ-GE and I may have to inspect that as well since the car has been sitting for years so the engine is probably full of gunk and bile so lemme atleast give it a tear down and clean first before I hand it to you, I am however keeping the Transmission.

I took a pic of the dry ice breaking apart the sound deadening an the inside of the car just looked like a bog its my first time doing this and it looked cool asf.

And the 180 has gotten some love nothing major just minor shit.

I took off the two tone vinyl to get back that stock clean look, I also took off the trim and the wing just because and shout out to Soju for making me want to go back stock form, his 180 is so cool all stock looking so why not, stock 180s and 240s are rare as shit so my baby has joined the fold, what has been added is a splitter and canards, I think it looks cool on the car even if its not functional it's still a nice little detail to go with my new wheels, 17x10 White CST Hyper Zeros all wrapped together with some Lewd Slappies (-w-), I don't want to do anything drastic with this car really its just a
c h i l l~r i d e

She be spitting them flames yo

I made the Octopussy slap if you want one hmu

And before I forget I had the upholstery changed "again" but this time something tame and by tame I mean BRIDE interior all out, I even had my OG seats done up:

I'll never stop loving this car or stop spend money on her.


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