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Picture by WARD!

I'm happy to anounce this open entry Drift competition at Ebisu supported by Toyo Tires and Work wheels Japan.
Rules are based on the actuall D1 Street Legal rules!

Friday 12th
Free Practise

Saturday 13th
Main Event

Timetable will follow.

Entry fees:
3500 > Center/western EU
3500 > Eastern USA
2500 > Eastern EU
2500 > Western USA
2500 > OCEANIA
1200 > ASIA

The fee will include your and your cars tranportation (both ways), 2 nights hotel, food/drinks for the whole two days.
We set up a workshop tent so in case you need small repairs done you're covered.
Toyo tires will set you up with two full set's of tires so you don't have to burn your own rubber :).
Workwheels will hand out a full set each the top 3 winners.

So... how will this work.
By Friday will open a new thread so you could post all your dori pics at ebisu.
By Friday evening we'll set up the pairs for saturday. Each "driver" will receive a screenshot of a specific part of Ebisu Minami Circuit via PM.
At that part of the track you need to take a screen and send it back via PM. Three judges will rate your driftangle and speed. Higher points win the run. And all of you know how a k.o. system works.
It's all about your drift skills.
There will be a timeschedule for each round to make it suitable and you don't have to stay in front of your computer all day.

Pairs are set randomly!

Judges will not attent to drift on saturday!

How do I register?
Use this thread,
Pic of the car you will attend with. Sideview prefered.
Your cars rimsize so toyo knows what to bring.
Where you're located so we can get you your flight and transportation details.

There is no price money! We expect you to have fun and get to know each other better.

Juancitoo2003 - Nissan RPS13 - JAPAN
skip - Nissan RPS13 - JAPAN
Lagano - Nissan Silvia S14 - JAPAN
SleepingMonkey - Nissan RPS13 - USA

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