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# pixelgalaxy : first off, that's a shit ton of miles, I hope you do some body work in the future. second, why the fuck are you putting an ls in? can't you just put a new 2j in, or is it just relevant that the ls1 is around.

A 2J is way to expensive to build and with an LS I can make the same amount of power in a mild build N/A LS for less than a single turbo mild built 2J, I want a consistent powerband and something reliable, IK LS swaps are lame since they're in everything but I already have a good motor available and with minor mods and a tune can make a shit ton of power.

And as the old adage goes:

"Ain't no replacement for displacement"

I'm definitely getting that stickered on the car.

# Sleepin mOnkey : go junkyard digging, you'd easily will find a t5 and ls by cheap.

I already have a LS1 from a previous project, and compared to other transmissions the T56 is pretty cheap depending on where it came from since it came in both Chevys and Fords (Just the Cobra). So I guess I could get on for a decent price what I do need to get is the motor mounts and a driveline.


This isn't related to any build but I need to mention the Mustang, I got back a full analysis on the damage and shit its doozy.

The control arms are fucked an Air Bag blew along with the sensor the shock absorber is bent, the front frame has also bent but not by much to be considered majorly serious, my left exhaust manifold was as also bent so the entire engine was removed just to make sure there isn't any major damage with it. I got this picture of the car and it made me shed a manly tear, look at my baby all wounded.

I'm expecting an estimate and I pray to Lord Almighty Steve McQueen its in the bounds of my coverage.


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