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I still my mind stuck around about engine...
I don't wan't to use SR20DET, RB, or JZ, they popular using, I want something different engine.
Something my mind was;
1. VR38 engine, they expensive cost me 13k...
2. KA24, weak for turbo set up.

I hate putting LS swap, I'm not fan that engine.

Anyone have great suggest about engine?

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Add this because new page...

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Remember yesterday what I said? I can't do tubing front end without front end body work to get line up and gap perfect so, I did bought PS13 front end, I saw other RPS13 but front already smashed up but I could use rear light, spoiler, side skirt, rear bumper, and some other stuffs like wire harness, interiors, etc, all total cost me 2,000V$, it quite look expensive but I have pretty mostly part that I need. Only I need parts is engine, ECU, stuff that engine kept running...

Don't worry about no light, grill, and bumper, they don't have supported because there no tubing. I will doing tubing, lots of plans, bending, try to make look perfect and safe. May it take me 2-3 days to tubing done.

Before - 5,480 V$
Parts - 2000V$
After - 3,480 V$
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