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Remember when I said I had some good news well, I guess this is good ? Right ?

I bought a new car ! A Lexus SC300 and its a hunk of shit.

1992 Lexus SC300

YEAR: 1992
MILEAGE: 278,830 miles
TRANSMISSION: Manual 6-Speed
CONDITION: Pure Garbage

Why This ?

I've actually been looking for a new car I can work on, something fresh and in a new direction and stumbled upon this said car from my home town as a salvage title, and why not a salvage title car, yes the SC300 is a salvage title but its not that bad actually a few dings here and there but its in good shape, and it being a fucked up car I got it extremely cheap V$1,610, I had a friend of mine back home survey the car for me and once I got his word I solidified the purchase and had him get the car trailer-ed over of CA, the expense really was dirt cheap and given the direction I'm gonna go with its gonna be pretty budget based.

Whats the plan ?

Firsts thing first, fuck the 2J thats the first thing thats going once I prepare for a full strip down, I not putting money into it because I already have an alternative an LS1, I've had my LS sitting around after I sold the FRS as a shell to David some months back and the heart just hasn't been used since so why not resurrect it in a new body its a reliable and cheap way to make tons of power and who doesn't love the thunderous roar of a V8 I may need to go look for a T56 Trans, I want to make this a drift car whether it be a missile or style car, some of you guys are always at it so why let you guys hog all the fun. I want to make the car street legal just for the "SCUM BAG STATUS", whatever ideas you guys suggest I would be glad to get your input on it.

First Thing Done

While I still have the old space I purchased I stored the car there and spent my weekend gutting the thing removing everything and doing some automotive archaeology, it was like bio-hazard in there, the car was full of gunk and mildew the interior just had to go, I also need to remove the motor and check the car for any rust before I start doing anything else I don't want to half ass this, I need to get this car down to its shell and have the entire thing powerwashed it just needs to be rid of its old life, I was able to clean off the dirt that sat when the car was in the yard but it needs to be fully cleaned, it's running gear inspected and if they're good have the car put back together and start making a parts list.

This is the beginning of something crazy and a great way to start the holidays and the upcoming new year, it begins.


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