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Welcome To Zero Reality Builds!

So best start with an introduction i guess.. My name is Carl or Zero (idrc which one you guys use lmao), I've spent around 3 years travelling and i decided i'd stay in Japan! There's a few reasons which influenced this decision.. 1. It's the home of Drifting 2. The Cars! 3. The Culture and Scenery..

Anyway enough of that shizzle.. Lets move onto Cars and stuff.. Since i was young i was obsessed with Japanese Cars, I was the kid with a GT-R Poster on my wall. I still am obsessed with GT-R's and i always will be tbh. So i tried and tried to get the money for one but i only saved up $20k (not like it isnt a lot lmao). So i decided to get the next best thing to a GT-R.. An S-Chassis! But not some base model S13/4.. I went big and decided to get a S15 Type-R sooo thats 250bhp of SR goodness! It was hard to find a good one, in my eyes anyway. I can compare it to finding a needle in a haystack.

But i came across this blue beauty.. It was stock pretty much apart from coils, rims and an exhaust.
Here's two pictures i got after i picked her up.

She's clean asf inside and out, so this is literally the perfect car to either go track spec with or drift spec with. Now im already leaning towards the Drift Spec side because S15's look amazing once they have a D1 look to them..
Anyway thats it for now! Expect much more soon, peace..

- $13000 (S15 Type-R)
= $7000
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