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Hello petrolheads !

Yesterday as i got some spare time in the afternoon, i've decided to remove those DTM style backboxes and installed two magnaflow backboxes and straightpipes aswell.

Also went to a mechanic friend of mine to do a check-up on the M3, everything seemed fine, asked him to tweak the coilovers the car bring, and decided also to do some "bodywork" as he works with vinyl and he tints windows, got the windows tinted and blacked out the side and front grills and debadged the M3 in the trunk

Already Lowered

Blacked out (final result)

As for the "Surprise", here it is !

It's an 96' Mitsubishi Colt that i've bought from a guy who had it in the garage, kinda like an abandoned project.

Bought it with the supsension and brakes fitted and wheels aswell.

Just done some bodywork to it, wide fenders, the front ones just done it today and the engine was fitted this morning.

I'm not telling much details about the engine, i've decided to apply an Honda K24 engine because it was cheaper to mod than an mitsubishi one and i guess it will be more reliable.


Magnaflow backboxes + straightpipes - 500 V$
Check-up + Suspension Tweak (Lowering) + Window Tint and vinyl - 500 V$

Mitsubishi Colt Undone Project - 500 V$

K24 Engine + Parts - 2,900 V$

Tyres + Wheels bought (not revealed yet) - 1,500 V$

Balance: 33,060 V$