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Good Night

Just got bored of the AUDI, and as i had an E46 M3 before and had to sell because i went away for a while, just sold the AUDI and searched for the M3.

Saw this one:

2004 M3 with 49k km for 9,990 V$

Called the guy and he could show me the car in the afternoon, so i called a friend of mine and he got me a lift to see the M3.

This was the overall looking of the car, seemed nice

A little chat with the owner and he told me he only fitted new big brakes, coilovers and the rest was stock.

Got the car for 9,000 V$.


x3 week paycheck (415$) 1,245V$

Audi A4 (SOLD) + 4,500V$

BMW M3 (BOUGHT) - 9,000V$

Balance: 38,960 V$

PS: Got another surprise that i'll show you soon, not a full car, got only the body with some suspension parts and brakes, new project for race use.