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Well Shit

I have some good news and some very very very bad fucking news.

Bad News first, some dick head taxi driver ran into me at an intersection and guess which car got the brunt of a Crown Vic ?

The GTR ? the 180 ? no my fucking recently finished Mustang, like the fuck how much bad luck is that ?

Now what happened ? Long story short some this dick head cabbie ran a stop sign and side swiped me coming out into the intersection, luckily it just happened to have some witnesses who helped me out with my claims, fortunately enough insurance is covering the payment of repairs.

I'm fine a little jostled but my car is all fucked up.

The damage ?

Well, a fucked up front left side ( Bumper, Fender, Headlight and Broken Hood Latch ), broken radiator and water reservoir, bent rim and that's just the visible damage I can see I still have to get a word back from the shop on any other damage.

So that worries me, but at least I'm safe.

Since the Mustang is out of commission, and the 180SX is my weekend driver the daily driver title falls to GTR, a little back story on that purchase.

I bought it as an impulse purchase I wanted it more than needed it and I guess that's the car guy way, its been a month going on 2 since I've owned it and I bought some new Vorsteiner rims and I never really drove it as much and I was thinking of just selling it, I'm used having cars built, working on them, having a car this advanced just isn't me but I guess now is time it'll grow on me, I mean its a R35 GTR who wouldn't it grow on, I had it cleaned and properly detailed since it's been hidden for some days, not gonna be driving a dirty car.

Looks stellar.

I'll leave the "good" for later.


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