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Threaten by Mobs.

Strong thug gangs (they cover face about half) came in my garage while I was cleaning my garage mess. The leader said, he want AE86. I told time, it not for sale and it still working in progress, clearly engine was out. He stepped closer to me, and he said "Finish it then give me or I would burn your house...", I still refused it, and I replied "Whoa, dude, it not clearly for FREE! It going cost the price. Paid me then AE86 is your." Then, leader look clean Cresta and he said to his gangs "Hit that car few time" then thugs beat Cresta up few time (lots of dents on hood, smashed window, and no door mirror). I scream NO, I was run to Cresta then leader punched my stomach, and I stop and knee on the floor, leader said "Give me for free or Cresta get other harms." I have to accept it, leader said "Good, before we leave, phone cops about me, your house will burned down plus all your car." Clearly, I got high threaten by mobs. What I do? I cant phone police, they know where I from, and they will burn my house AND garage down.

I'm quite scared, AE86 made loss, because leader want for free or they would burn my house down.
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