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[Note; In real life, my English are not my first language.]

Hello, my name is Kenny, I was born on UK while my mother was pregnant and birth early, but I grew up most my life are in Kyoto, Japan, also I'm 24 and I work at gas station, enough about my personal.

Me and my grandad just like best friend, he taught me so many thing, like car naming, fix faulty parts, welding, anything stuff that linked to car, he are proud owner of black Toyota Cresta 2000 (know as JZX100 model), that car use be sit inside dry garage most of time but it kept maintained at all time and cleaned. You won't find any Cresta JZX1000 with low miles and exterior and interior like brand new.

You see something wrong that Cresta? Aloud me to explain, last year my grandad has caught cancer, that force Cresta to sat do nothing and not cleaning or maintain for year, but three days ago he passed out, till now my grandma just call me, she want speak me at her house, so I went to there.

I arrive her house, we having chats and cup of tea (green tea FTW), she told me, grandad want his car to be given to me. I was happy, that I wish to I could drive his Cresta. I check to make sure Cresta is legal and runner. I head to highway and give Cresta good runs, but engine light came on then 1JZ being stalling, running become rough, and misfiring. I have no idea what wrong now, first start was fine, no problem was founded. I have to pull over to safe side and phoned to break down guy.

He came and checking, turn out my ECU was dead. Now, my Cresta at my garage.
Enough speaking now, see you later!

Before: 20,000V$
Cresta - 0V$ [Granddad given me]
Break down guy fee - 10V$
After - 19,990V$

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