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Sometimes less means more...

So if anyone remeber my s14's may knew that i had great things planned for they but no time to put in they so friday when i went to mu importer to grab my classics and if i didnt said before the importer is my friend so we sat and talked a lot about cars.Then he asked if i didnt had any s14 shell since he and his brother are going pro Am and were looking for shells i showed my s14's and he loved both then i asked if he want to buy they.Then it was there that he offered me this S15 shell that he was going to build but afther he drove one he made it's mind on the older s14.the car itself is mint and saved from a scrapyard on japan (wich means its legal) it has a blown sr and some bits missing but in total is mint and we agreed on a direct deal wich means less 2 s14's and one s15 that i dont know what to do

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