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New project !
Buy 1 car and one engine!

First car, Toyota Cresta 1996: I bought it for 1500 V$, In quite good condition, Engine 2JZ-GE, It was a good business, I'll use it to make a drift build! Yes, another one more hahahaha

Engine: 2JZ-GTE, I bought it on the internet for 2500V$, With all the components}, and the ecu, With manual gearbox, in very good condition, This engine will go into the Sileighty of Alissa, Although after some slight modifications , It's 2jz-gte no-vvti, So this is the most robust, rumors say it supports more than 1500 hp, although I'll only put about 500, with some turbos, reprogramming, new intercooler, and some smaller thing, with that is perfect, then if you modify something else, it is one more thing to do in the distant future (considering that before the sileighty had 160hp, with 500 or a little more, it is perfect)
V$ 11000 -V$ 4000 (1500+2500)=V$ 7000

Cresta Pics :


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