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So like I said yesterday I would be fitting the bodykit completely.
I finished fully fitting it after work and then checked over the car since me and Lagano are going to Ebisu tomorrow.

Drove it home after and I am kinda running out of space on my drive. With 3 cars it's kinda....... cramped.
Especially since I'm in Tokyo.

The 180 should be getting paint sometime after Ebisu.
I'm gonna be swapping my 1JZ in so it gives me a chance to fully gut the car and respray it.
Really happy with how it looks as of now. If anyone is selling Bride/Recaro bucket seats let me know, I'm looking for some.

I've bought coilovers for the Skyline, they won't be fitted for a while though. Once the 180 is started I probably will start working on it, looking for a nice exhaust from UpGarage to fit later on too.

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