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New Daily car!
Looking for the auction I found this gem, A 2002 Toyota Aristo V300
It was in very good condition, So offer, I took it for 2000 V $
Now the car is coming, also I have to do paperwork of the plates
So in little I will have the car completely to my name, and soon I will have my new car for daily use

Aristo Pics :

Last night I finished the Engine bay and the Engine Frontend of the Sileighty, now I have to buy some toyota that has a 1jz or 2jz engine, so I can later disarm it and take it to modify, so in a short time, the Sileighty is ready
Finances :
V$ 13500-V$ 2000-V$ 500 (Modification of the engine bay and manufacture of the engine frontend)=V$ 11000

Sileighty Pictures , Ignore the wheels :

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