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i couldnt think of a title

Like I said, I was getting a bodykit for my 180. Over the past week and a bit I've been working on it and getting it all fitted right. Lots of cursing, blood and google searches later, the bodykit still isn't fitted without cable ties.

I bought a Origin Aggressive line Type-II Front/Rear Bumper and Sideskirts from Origin for V$1,085 and BN Sports Blister overfenders (front/rear too) for V$519 each.
They'll be painted when I am swapping my 1JZ in. The SR20DE is on it's way out anyway, but if you want it send a message my way and I'll gladly sell it to you.

The 180 sat in the AOW shop all dis-assembled for over a week.
looked pretty shit sad every time I walked by it coming into work.

I cut the rear panels so I can go lower and fit my overfenders without rubbing. Without it I'd be chewing tires like crazy.

At this point we had mocked up what the bodykit would kinda look like when it was fitted.
They were mainly stuck on with tape and didn't give a vision of what it would look like at all.
I'll finish it off tomorrow when I get into work. Shouldn't take too long, hopefully.
If I'm not a lazy pos like I usually am.

So while the 180 was getting partially rebuilt, I needed some way to travel around.
I was watching this R34 for a while now, saving up my money till I could afford it.
I bought it for V$5,690 and I couldn't wait to get it.
Me and Lagano went to pick it up from the auctions.
My good friend Nobuo (he bought my last cars at auction for me) told me he got it. He has a dealer's license so only he could buy it.
I always wanted one, so I just said fuck it and bought it.
Real advert:Skyline

It has a RB25DE NEO, it's automatic and is in need of some loving. Nubuo sent me this pic of the engine bay before I bought and im too lazy to go take another pic.
The person who owned it before me was definitely a big smoker, but I suppose most of Japan is. The stench of smoke was insaaane.

We drove home and it got pretty late, we had to stop for fuel and had a general look at the car at the petrol station. It didn't overheat when I was driving it and everything seems to be ok, just need to do general maintenance as you do.

We got home around ~11:30, and the Skyline drives so comfortably since it's auto and stock suspension. Although this won't last long, since I like to ruin every car I own ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
Mods coming soon.
I'm also selling stock 180sx seats, front fenders, stock chuki rear bumper, Type-X skirts, Type-X wing. Message me if you want any, I'll tell you the price too.

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