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Thanks man! Bumper wasn't too big of a deal since we get 326power stuff into the shop every couple of days. Just sent it back with the mail guy and had a replacement within a couple of weeks.

But a month has passed and sure enough I've been showing the S15 some love. Just picked it back up from the ASM shop. This is what managed to get done.

Full exterior paint
Wired up and installed headlights
Installed rear wing (can't remember exactly what brand it is)
Tuned engine
Small engine tweaks
Replaced fluids
Located and eliminated every little rattle/knock/clunk
And that's all I can really think of at the moment. Been a busy month for me haha.
But there's supposed to be a car meet this Friday and I'm planning on going to that with a few buddies. Just not too sure what car I want to drive there. Any suggestions? 180? S13? S15? I have too many cars...