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# Juancitoo2003 : Hey, I have a K24 of an Acura Tsx, it has multiple custom exhaust, admission made to measure, I had it in my VW Beetle, I also have a turbo kit that does not get to install, If you're interested talk to me x private

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I also have the Coilovers of that beetle, I have the seats, I have the car as it is, but since I can not find a buyer, I disarm it and sell its parts. If you are interested, the parties speak to me and I sell you the whole lot
It includes :
-K24 swap (220hp), with admission and exhaust made to measure and a turbo kit (Not placed, It's new) , capable of delivering more than 450hp, the engine has less than 80000 miles
- Bride Zeta 3 seats
- Ebay steering wheel
- Greddy Coilovers
- 16 inch wheels
- Ap racing brakes
Among other things

dang man if i ever need something ill message you

i did a thing that i don't know if it was smart to do.

i bought another civic a EJ2 to be exact, my buddy bought it sight unseen a long time ago and it has been sitting ever since

all original 1994 Civic Ej2 with gladly no rust and it has low mileage so i might be fixing up the B16 for the EG to go in this thing

B16a non-vtec

i payed 700V$ for it because the car itself is clean but the engine is garbage because no v-tec

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so we took the civic home took some pictures of the 2 civics and immediately after that we went out to pick up a B18 engine without intake and exhaust.

we took my buddy's Volvo 242 LS7 and we shoved it in the back seat and it wasnt that hard to get it in.
the engine was 500V$ so thats a pretty good deal, this engine will go in the EG and the B16B oin the EG will go in the EJ after its been rebuild

we got home and immediately unloaded the engine and put it next to the EG where it will stay until i get the B16 out and i get the remaining parts for the B18

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