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Chrome didn't last long

Hey guys,

Needed to make a post about my new wheels. The VS-KF were too big and bright, after a while of looking at the 180 like that I wanted to change them.
I sold them to Lagano -(check him out here) and bought a set of Kei Office Dori Dori in 17 inch for V$1300, without tires from UpGarage.
I got tires from Art of Wheel for free since I work there. I got them wrapped in a set of Toyo Proxes, they gave them a nice stretch.

I also bought some Minty.Fresh x Garage Moon Power floormats for V$77. Also fitted a cup holder and an A'Pexi FC Commander, supplied from Art of Wheel for free too.

It makes the interior more me lmao
(s/o to yurisminator for the mat textures)

I took it out for a drive after I fitted the DoriDori's, the steering is a lot lighter now that they are smaller. They match a ton better than the VS-KF's.
(lowkey just wanted McDonald's)

Just realized I forgot to put my Type-X skirt back on after fitting the wheels.
That's it for now. Eyeing up a new bodykit too, this means I will be selling my Type-X kit sooo if you want it hit me up.

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