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Cuore Sportivo

So long time no see guys but nome um back and i'll start posting again soon. So wich better way to start posting again then showing my sweet new ride a Alfa Romeo 155 Quadrifoglio. "But this car never came to the Usa be realist..." I Know these cars never came to america but this one was imported brand new for the italian ebassador wich he used for some years befor passing it to his son wich then decided to mess with the car by raising the boost fucking the maps and cutting the springs (dont mentioning the sound) wich then led to the engine Blowing up and the car sitting for some more years. But saturday the embassy decided to make a beneficient auction with a dinner that my girfriend invited me because she wanted some old ceramics but there i was eating some sphagetti and looking at the inventory wich in the last page i found the Alfa withoht minimum price and bet i decided to give a shot since i have great memories of watching DTM while i was a kid and this car was glorious when he popped i decided to go for a 100 inotial bet and since no one there was interested on the car i gor just to raise a little and bought it for just 400 bucks. In overral the car Is Mint no rust no crashs a great base to start a project so what i should do restore , scrap , high power turbo i4 V6 swap , Dtm loooking track car IDK but surely something good is caming from this guy.

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# Jfernando1 : Lovely Alfa. It looks great.

Thanks dude
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