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# Sleepin mOnkey : Ok ill contac my guy
Allright so don't forget to send me the amount in time. I got to pay them cash ;)

Finance update.
1876 + 4500 (cressida) - 650 (bought ssr's from skip) = 5.726 V$.

Added 1 hour 33 minutes later:

Just a quick one for today.
Got the cars!

The Hoku is allready on the way to glasblasting. So that we know what we really have at the end.
The S13 got setup with new sparks and battery and engine seemes to work. But needs some new parts
and new sealing kit. We're waiting for our engine guy to see how we continue there.

As we took all damaed parts away from the altezza we spend the whole day to get the engine bay straight again.
The engine will be picked up tomorrow for a complete check.

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