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# Sleepin mOnkey : That hako isnt that bad but a good bodywork is a must on he (if you find another shell let me know)
Actually there two more shells. One Hoku and a C110.
It dependes how much you'd like to spend...

Let me lift the interesting stuff for you:
Nissan Skyline C10 GT - 760V$
Nissan Skyline GC110 shell only - 608V$
Nissan Z32 - 1.368 V$
Nissan 240Z - 3.800 V$
Toyota AE86 Levin - 1.580 V$
Toyota Supra 1992 - 1.444 V$
Mazda RX8 - 378 V$ (!!!)
3 RX7 FC3's - 2.128V$ / 2.280V$ / 3.040V$ (D1 Specs no engine)

I would help with the handling, DM me if needed something.

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