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My name is Juan, I was born in Uruguay on July 15 of the year 1981, in the year 2000 I moved with my family to Fukushima, Japan .At that time I had a son and a girlfriend (who are now separated).
My father was always a lover of cars, since we went to live in Fukushima, we went to the Ebisu circuit, at that time was the whole time of fast and furious, so there were ricers everywhere, but it does not matter, because in that moment, was accepted, In 2001 I bought my first car, A Toyota corolla AE86 Hatchback, At that time they were not very expensive, and I bought it in a junkyard for about 1000V$, I repaired it, I modified it a bit and went with my father to Ebisu , Have a good time until ...
The engine blows up, I lost control and crashed one of the sandbags and destroyed the car, luckily I did not have anything to do because the car had a Bucket seat and simple roll cage, but unfortunately, part of the chassis was twisted and the car went to junkyard again, then I had to buy a car, but it had to be cheap and economical, it did not matter if it was not fun, because at that time, for the 2004 I was starting college, and I did not have much time a lot of money, the next car was a 1995 Corolla DX, Bored, but economical and indestructible, the pass was great, and I had it until a few days ago, I sold it, and added to my savings I have about 20,000 V $, and I'm looking for some cars, I want to do some crazy things with the cars I buy!

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2000 Toyota Aristo ( 2JZ , Engine donor for S13, The rest is sold by parts or whole, MP interested )
2002 Toyota Altezza (Car crash damage , 200hp MT Version)
1999 Toyota Aristo V300 (2JZ Twin turbo , 280hp , good condition)
2000 Toyota Aristo (2JZ N-A , 230HP , Good Condition)
2002 Toyota Aristo (2jz N-A , 230 HP , Little crash damage in the rear left fender , and electrical damage , doesn't run)