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Chrome and Liveries.

Hey guys, me again.
Back with more unimportant mods to my 180SX.
In reality I should be getting a new radiator, non rusty brakes, fix my electrical issues, rebuild my engine since its in need of fixing but that can all wait.
Looks>working tail lights.

So I dropped five g-notes on some parts from Maikeru.
I bought a semi-built 1JZ (rated at ~450hp on low boost according to Maikeru), a 5 lug swap w/ 18 inch Work VS-KF's and coilovers (for a different car eventually).

Yes it is a lot of money but oh well, I'll get it back some day
(I wont)

The new livery that's on the car was printed at Art of Wheel, where I work. It was free, s/o to Phonexius for that.

Ebisu was open this weekend so I went to the track for a few laps. I bought a set of R33 wheels in UpGarage on the way for V$430, with tires.

It was a 3 hour journey to Ebisu from Yashio, where I live.

I got there at 1:30pm exactly, got on the track for a while and did a few laps. No accident this time, besides the left sideskirt coming off on the last lap.

It was a really good day out there. I can feel the lack of power from the SR20DE, it's nearing the end of its life too soooooo..........

1JZ swap incoming.

Got home at ~7:30pm, got the 180 washed too.
That's it for now anyway.
Bodykit coming soon hopefully, probably not though.
I'm too poor now.

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