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# Jfernando1 : Nice SuperLucent.
Thanks bro !
Added 14 minutes later:

Well , I managed to sell some spare parts for 500V$ (56779.4685 yen).

I decided to buy 2 wings for the Cresta. 1 wing is a trunk wing and the other is a roof wing , here's some photos of the new wings installed :

Ofcourse , they're not painted yet , but they will be painted in the future. I bought them for 350V$ (39745.628 yen).

While I was searching in my storage area , I found 2 white neons , which I've put on the Cresta. It might look really dumb , but I kinda like them :P

These things are really bright. I hope I won't get a fine for these... :))

Anyway , currently I am helping Takeshi with some work on his ER34. We're replacing the coilovers. I'm gonna post some pics later.

That's all for now , stay stoked !


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