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# saletl : Well that is a good lookin one! Will you dyno it?
Yep ! I'll dyno it tommorow !
Added 1 hour 9 minutes later:

Well , this might be a bad idea... :)))

Long story short , my friend hooked me up with an amaizing deal , which I accepted. I bought his JZX90 Cresta for 2400V$ (271954.674 yen).

You may ask : "Why did you buy this amaizing Cresta ?" , well , I bought it because I really liked it , but there's a thing that I don't like right now. That thing is the fact that I have 130V$ in my wallet. I guess I'll have to sell some spare parts...

My friend really wanted to sell this car because he needed the money to buy a new car. Luckly , he took really really REALLY good care of this car. No rust , clean af , well mentained and street legal. This might be my second daily car , who knows...

Anyway , here's a list of mods done to this car :

To be honest , I am really happy that I bought this car. Feels good to have another new car at disposal.

It's getting really cold these days over here so AC is a necessary thing to have.

Anyways , that's all for today , stay stoked !


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