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#132589   2017-11-05 10:06          
# MACKAY : Setback is a setup for a comeback tho, I am sure it will be fixed in no time.. You did good tho, shit happens even to the best of us sometimes.
Can't wait to shred some tires together again.
hell yea, i also already had a big plan for the car so expect something blows. :P

# Renaruto : Nooooo not you aswell ;_;
well shit happens. :|

# ramalhinho07 : Nikko is a bitch to aero, i've trashed a few bumpers there as well, if you need help fixing anything hit me up!
Wondering if they ever fix their flaws... anyway i'd always appreciate for a help :D

# Lagano : Hope you'll fix your 86 soon, i'd like to see it again sometime. :D

This reminded me of the same thing that happened 12 years ago! *LINK* (saw that IRL, i think it hit someone too)
ok that was hillarious lmao

# Soju : That looks brutal. Anyway, glad that nobody was seriously injured.
yeah, well, i wasn't shaken up since i also had a huge one few months ago.