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# StratoWolf : Put a 4G63 in that Mirage Colt!
That's exactly what we are going to do. Or a k20. But the 4g is more plausible


Baisically, we're in Japan now! Not that we moved here, nonono, we decieded that we need to take a "break" from all the shitboxes that we own and decieded to make a trip to Japan. The plan was to sell the cars that are worth something, buy plane tickets, buy a car in japan, visit some places and baisically have fun there. Soo Jfernando1 decieded that he can sell his V8 corrado and I decieded that I can sell my 350z and my miata. Both of my cars found a buyer immediately and I got 5800V$ for them and the corrado sold shortly after that giving us a total of £13920 or 18272V$.

*Corrado spotted in couple of places after we sold it*

Earlier this week after we sold the cars we bought 2 plane tickets to Tokyo for £600 each and we backed our luggage and we did typical stuff that you do when you go on holiday. The flight took 12h and we landed in Tokyo at 12:43. Jet lag was killing us but since the dealship that was selling our cars was pretty far from the airport we decieded to take an uber instead of walking (-£20). You might be wondering what cars did we buy? Well,

That's right, I got for myself an R34 GT-T with an RB25DET NEO and Jfernando1 got himself a riced 180sx that looks like this

Not the best looking 180 but it's a good base to work on. It has an SR20DET with some small mods done to it, overall nice on the inside but ugly on the outside. We checked for leaks and stuff that was possible to check for at the place, everything looked like it's good so we handled the cash and then we drove to the hotel (-£378 for 2 rooms since we aren't gay).


The 2nd day in the land of the rising sun. Our first point of the day was to wash our cars so they look just a bit better (-£10). Next we gave them a full tank of gas (-£100) so we don't suddenly run out of it and then we set off to MACKAY's shop to check the cars more proffesionally and do typical maintenance.

We arrived in Mackay's shop in the evening, checked the drivetrain components as well as did a fluid change. Thanks again Mackay for letting us in.
We're now on the way to Nikko curcuit so if you are in japan, come here, a lot of v$ people might show up.

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