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# hugap : fucking nice rps13 :bananajump:
Thanks :)
# Renaruto : I love the mixture of Chuki and Kouki parts :D
Wasn't even planned lol, it just happened.
Not even mad.

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# skip :

Monster Truck No More

My package came today. Earlier then I expected, but I'm not complaining.
So I bought a set of 326power Chakruiki GT-S that I payed for in my last update.
This was needed sooo badly and with it, it handles and looks a lot better.
I'm still not finished adjusting it and I want to go lower, but for now it's better.

My brakes are a bit rusty but they still work, no need to be replaced as of now

Took it out for a drive after. Got these nice pics during the sunset.

This was a shot from last nights street session at Location X. This was before I had the new coilovers in, the body roll was insane.
Next thing up is paint, which I have something special in mind for.

Thats it for now anyway; can't wait to get it painted.
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