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-✘ As I am sitting in a gas station right now taking a break from the trip to Nikko I might as well update you guys on what happened in last two days. Well.. First things first. I know that I was saying that I will be modifying my 350Z for drifting, but I did something else because I decided to not ruin the value of my NISMO. So on Friday morning I bought myself kinda decent shitbox and no, I didn't bought S'chassis or something else like everyone does, I guess you already figured it out by the title lol. Yes, I bought an 1999 E46 328i.. 3'series BMW's like E46's and E36's are basically an alternative to S'chassis back in my home country, everyone drifts them, so I will do completely opposite right here in Japan, will show everyone what those cars are capable of. #catchmeatnikko. As this car is basically stock, no LSD, no coilovers, it will require some modifications to go sideways, but don't worry this car will be a "proper drift" car in no time, just let me do my magic. ✘-

-✘ On the way home after I bought it, I didn't wasted any time and went to Shao's garage and UpGarage to get some things. Basically spent entire Friday working on this car. So as usual, first things that goes into my new cars.. I bought new seat and steering wheel, also I got Shao's custom made hydraulic handbrake for it. I got myself a pretty used Bride ZETA II seat and Nardi steering wheel. Prior to installation of new things as always I stripped the interior out, removed passenger seat, rear seats, roof lining, spare wheel, carpets from trunk and etc. Picture of new seat and finished interior. -✘

-✘ I didn't stop after those modifications, now it was time for my magic lol. After I changed the engine oil, coolant and brake fluid the next step was to increase the steering lock, lower the car and get both rear wheels locked up, nothing an angle grinder and weld machine can't do. Steering knuckles were modified, differential was welded and the car was lowered the good old fashioned way, by cutting few coils off from the spring. The things you do while on tight budget haha. After those things were done I fabricated a straight pipe from the headers and connected the handbrake to the rear brakes. Now we talking, BMW was finally prepared to go sideways, but as it was already very late I only tested it next day. Some progress pics. ✘-

-✘ Whose mans is this ? Drifting in the street.. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ Considering that M52TUB28 only has 190HP or whatever thats left from them I am very happy how this car performed. ✘-

-✘ As you probably noticed it is on new wheels too. I borrowed eight R17 Enkei RPF-1's from Shao's friend, all wrapped in shittiest tires possible, four on the car and other four as a spares for this drift day at Nikko, will be returning them when I get back. Basically I spent entire Sunday preparing for this thing, 11K and the guys talked me into going with them. It will be good because there is drift even going down there, "Drift Muscle" if being more specific, and because this is the last event of this championship this year, we will definitely see a lot of cool things. Also we expect to see many of our forum guys there, so feel to come by and say hi. E46 sitting pretty. ✘-

-✘ Last picture I did before going out, loading the wheels into the car. The trip will be around 7 hours or more depending on the traffic. So yeah, 700 kilometers of lonely driving, because 11K is like four or five hours ahead of me lol.. This car better not break down on me while driving.. I hope it won't happen as I didn't found any major problems while inspecting it. ✘-

-✘ So yeah, I will see you all there in few hours or so. Peace. ✘-

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