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So i've kinda been keeping this a secret from everyone.
It's a 1999 Nissan Silvia, I bought as a shell from a friend 3 4 months back for about V$3,500 which is roughly 395,237 yen. Now this wasn't just any old shell though, It came with an engine bay that was custom made, real bride seats with real takata harnesses along with a professionally fabricated cage and takata pads, custom trunk (not even sure who makes/made it), and it also came with the ganador mirrors already on the doors. AND IT CAME WIRE READY!


I sat on the car for about a month, sourcing and researching different aero. I came across 326power's aero kit and thought that the slight aggressive look to it would compliment the car quite nicely. I went ahead and ordered side skirts, front and rear fenders, and a rear bumper. I had also purchased a front bumper but it got damaged in shipping so I sent it back. After making the decision on the aero, i had to go with the 326 coilover and brake kit. Luckily we stock these at the ASM shop so I was able to pick them up and install them quite quickly. We also had a set of 4 R33 NISMO wheels that we purchased off a customer earlier in the year. I thought the white would look really nice with the blue, and man was I right! I slapped some fresh tires on them and threw em on!

Next we'll move onto the engine. I decided with a blacktop SR20DET, originally from a junkyard S15, I purchased a top mount intercooler and turbo kit from GREDDY and went to town rebuilding the engine while I waited on those parts to arrive. It's recently finished and I haven't had much of a chance to really play around with it yet. But i'm pushing maybe around 420hp (butt dyno of course)


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