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There's the two of them. Two questionable vehicles sitting in the garage parking lot.

Admittedly, there's also a Miata and the other Golf as you can see.

So, lets start with the Golf, the second one. It's a GTI, with a 16 valve dual overhead camshaft, with a turbocharger to my surprise. It makes somewhere around 136HP. By the way, I removed the tint on the lights, or at least most of it.

Here's its interior opening up. It's in fairly good condition. Okay, excellent condition.

Here's the second one, featuring only the best hand done wrap job, which was used in said budget challenge. It's not holding up well, as you can see by the peeling revealing the black underneath.

Body work is also in fairly good condition too.

Two pieces of junk sitting next to each other. It's not so bad on the E46 actually.

There's the three of them. Now anyone up for voting on what to do with an E46, that's beat up, inside and out, but runs smooth with a dodgy gearbox?
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