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Hello lads(??) and gents, Im a guy named Lee, living in Korea.
Saying about me, I used to have&ride some cars with modifications. Yea, were nice rides.
But some months ago Ive faced a serious problem, forced to spend most of money to Law related stuff, causing all of my cars&properties sold. (Cant write more, long long story :c)

AND NOW! these problems are almost solved and thanks to my friend, Soju, I finally could afford a car!
So the thing I bought is...

JZX100 again. (What)
Previous owner said he used to compete this jzx in drift comps like old D1SL over 10 yrs ago, but had to keep in garage cus of money problems till now (but somehow maintained very well),
and made up his mind to sell this gold :p

As this is a car for purpose, its got removed unnecessary stuffs, stripped interiors, wider fenders, and lots of.

Umm..and engine's like...
Modified 1j with stock twins maybe??

Fitted a set of Gram lights 57Xtreme 17' at front, 18' at rear laying in my home. This will be the wheel I use till i sell this. haha

~ Finaces ~

JZX100 alone: 12500V$


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