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Thanks mate, and I see page 13 so I'll leave this here!!!

# Phonexius : Hey guys.

On sunday I got some guests, its @Lagano and @Skip.
So those 2 decided to move out of Oklahoma and came straight to my place, there will be more info bout those 2 but now I need to change the subject to a purchase that I did 24 hours ago!!!!!
On Monday (Yestrday), us 3 took my R33 and went to Henderson, Nevada to seal the deal. That place is almost 300 miles away from my place but it wasn't boring at all, Skip and I were changing behind the wheel and Lagano got the Aux cord xD.

On Friday I sourced out a 1992 BMW 850i in Henderson, Nevada for just V$8000, in the advert owner said only this : "Car comes as is, need to move it fast have house repairs".

Upon arrival and meeting the owner, I found out why the car was so cheap. He drove the car last time in April 2009, and since then he parked it in the garage and in summer 2010 tried to start it up but it wouldn't start. As we checked on sight the car is cranking but wont connects so engine is questionable, but the bright side its the 6 speed manual :D

Interior is in mint condition

The rims sadly are fake HRE's, meanwhile the exhaust is genuine REMUS exhaust sistem, the owner says that the car sounds wonderfully with it, but for now we have to take his word for it cause we can't listen to it!!!

The cars paint has faded a bit but nothing that a good polishing can't restore

So we payed the good man V$8000 and placed the car on a flatbad truck, the transportation cost were V$500, and now we have a #ProjectMisteryNonFireingE31 on our hands to work with :D

Also I decided to sell my 180SX, so if some1 is interested here is the add :
Nissan 180SX Advert

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