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Hey my name is Jerry, I'm working local Gas Station, and I live in Osaka, Japan. I'm proud owner of my Sliver Bullet.
Yes, Sliver Bullet is nickname of my S14, anyway I tell you bit history about Sliver Bullet (boring!).

2 years ago, I was high school student I bought missing parts and no engine S14 Kouki verison. It has been sitting on grassy like 5 years.

I'm ordering all a parts, and sanding bodywork, filler all dents, clear out all rusty, add new parts, and fresh paint. I think it getting bit boring if I carry on, let skip it anyway.

I chosen engine is SR20DET, I made tuned engine to 300BHP with stock turbos.

So here results right now.

If you like to know what modified Sliver Bullet got, please click Specs button. :)

Is it nice see dead S14 to alived S14?
Due I spent my V$ for working Sliver bullet, my starting cash would be 10,672V$ (Plus paycheck today).

Next modified? Hmm, not sure but exterior felt bit plain, larger turbo?
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