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# juicybrate : Vehicle name: Datsun 280ZX
Year: idk tbh
Miles: 55249 km
Engine: L28 - Basically DEAD. No compression
Transmission: stock 5 speed
Color (interior/exterior): rusty red.
Condition: The engine has no compression in 5th & 6th cylinders. It runs tho! New plugs,hoses,belts,fluids,filters.Interior is freed from a hornet nest and spiders.Interior is nice and all original.Chasi needs repainting,the most rusty part on it is the trunk door.At this moment the car is dissasembled but i'm assembling it fully tomorrow.Also it has new installations.
List of options/add-ons: Rear bumper lip,external oil cooler with braided lines,train tow hook.
Price: Make me an offer/Trade
Location of vehicle: Tokyo,JP-
POST SCRIPTUM:It's a classic,but not my cup of sake.

ill give you 3k for it
Evwyone like nissan, why no honda?!! :RICE: :troll: