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So Like I Sadi.. On the 26th I Can Upload the pictures..

The 240sx

ASsI Was Talking about... Here's What Happening right now with Her Since the last time you seen it when it was tore down...
-18”Vossen Wheel Warpped In Potenza’s
-Typer X Front Bumper & Lip
-Bnsports Front Quarter Panels
-KSports Coilovers
-Hydro Handbrake
-Apexi Boost Controller
-Stock 240sx Rear Bumper
-LED Lightbar Headlights
-Origin Labs Rear Quarter Covers
-Wilwood Brake Kit
-Double Barrel Shotgun tip from the S14 When I First got it.

Skidpad W/ YngSensei and the S14

I had A Blast with YngSensei!! We took the R-32 for a cruise after he got here but didn't take any pictures of it. But when We Got back I Showed him around the 240sx.
We Picked up his Supra I Bought off of him using a buddies truck. (Also No Pictures of that) But We did Hit up a Skidpad in the S14!!

I Really need to get rid of all of that body roll... Possibly Different Coilovers coming soon for the S14 and Definitely some different sway bars...

Forgot To mention Picked up two different motors form a junkyard today...

Added 2 minutes later:

Starting the Teardown on the Supra When I Get home tonight...

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